CityTeam San JOse
House of Grace & Heritage Home

House of Grace and Heritage Home are places of rest, recovery, and restoration for women. Heritage Home focuses on helping pregnant women who need a safe place to recover. We have been blessed to help these women live a clean, healthy, and sober life in Jesus.

Ministry Website
Ministry Contact: Honili Sema
PBCWG Contact: Kathy Vanderet (House of Grace) or Susie Henry (Heritage Home)

CityTeam San Francisco
Men's Recovery Program

We help City Team provide hot meals, safe shelter, clean clothing, and the Gospel to men who are struggling with drugs and alcohol on the streets of San Francisco.

Ministry Website
Ministry Contact: Jonathon Zingkai
PBCWG Contact: Mike Murray & Karen Loebig

Kids Club

We have adopted our neighborhood school Willow Glen Elementary where we spend two hours a week loving kids, parents, and school staff. Join us on Tuesdays from 1-3PM at Willow Glen Elementary School. In the summer, we work together as a church to offer a sports camp to all children in our community.

Ministry Website
Ministry Contact: Jan Rose
PBCWG Contact: Janelle Hatch

Real Options Pregnancy Medical Clinics

We come alongside women and their unborn children with compassion and care. 

Ministry Website
Ministry Contact: Dale MacGowan
PBCWG Contact: Donna Schreiber

Sacred Heart Community Service

We volunteer at Sacred Heart Community Service on the second Saturday of each month from 9 AM-1 PM.

Ministry Website
Ministry Contact: Terri West
PBCWG Contact:  Chris and Annie Reynolds