A Place for Every Child

We love children and are delighted to be part of their lives.  Our desire is to have a God-centered, kid-friendly ministry. The following are our main objectives:

  • Support families in the spiritual training of their children
  • Provide a nurturing, kid-friendly place
  • Be relevant, relational and fun
  • Give children an understanding of the Bible and to help them know and love Jesus

Nursery & Preschool

Our goal is for the children to experience God’s love through stories, music, prayer and conversation in an age-appropriate environment. Please click the photos below for more information about our program or contact Karen with any questions you may have.

Nursery (Infant to 2 Years)

Room 3


We believe in multigenerational worship, and therefore, kindergarten through fifth grade children begin in the main service during worship and then are released to their Sunday School classes. During first service we split into a K-2 class and a 3rd-5th class.  During second service we have a class for K-5th graders.